3 Tests You Can Expect With An Eye Exam

Taking care of your vision is sure to be one of the most important things you can do. Being able to consistently see well on a daily basis will enable you to have the highest quality of life possible.  There are specific things your optometrist can do that will determine the health and condition of your eyes. By knowing some details about these tests, you will be more prepared for your visit.

Test #1: Visual acuity test

You can typically expect to have this test done at the beginning of your exam. Your eye doctor will use a chart that will enable this individual to test for how clear and sharp your vision may be.

You will use an eye chart that is placed a certain distance away from you to determine your vision for distances. On the other hand, to see how well you can see close up, you'll rely on a small hand-held chart to measure this.

Test #2: Color blindness test

Being tested for how well you can spot color is another thing done during your eye exam. This is known as a color blindness test and is also ideal for detecting deficiencies in regular sight.

In some cases, being color blind is due to your genetics, but being aware you have this eye issue is ideal.

Test #3: Cover test

One of the ways your optometrist will work to find out how well you can see is by doing the cover test. This will involve your eye doctor asking you to focus on a target that may be a distance from you. Both of your eyes will alternatively be covered to determine the strength of each eye. You may additionally be asked to do this while looking closely at various objects in the room.

Test #4: Refraction test

You've probably noticed that giant machine at your doctor's office. This is where you will have a refraction test completed. During this process, you will have different lenses placed over each eye, and this will help determine what level of prescription glasses or contacts you need.

The benefits of getting your eyes routinely checked are many. Doing so will enable you to have fewer issues with your vision, and it can be helpful to determine the type of corrective wear you may need to see your best. Be sure to visit your eye doctor today for a comprehensive eye examination

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