Can Your Child Benefit From Wearing Sunglasses?

Sunglasses do more than make it easier to see while driving; they're an important eye-protection tool. Knowing whether or not your child needs sunglasses and how your child can benefit from sunglasses can help you protect your child's vision and keep your child safe.

Can your child benefit from wearing sunglasses?

Yes, sunglasses can benefit children as well as adults. Sunglasses can protect your child's eyes from harmful rays of the sun and can also make outdoor activities safer. By making it easier for your child to see in the bright sun, sunglasses can help your child avoid accidents and injuries.

What should you look for in a pair of sunglasses for your child?

There are many qualities you should look for when shopping for sunglasses for your child, including:

  • Flexibility. Rigid sunglasses are easy to break and may not last long when worn by a child. When shopping for sunglasses, look for brands that specify they're flexible and difficult to break.
  • Wraparound. Wraparound lenses offer the most protection from the sun by preventing it from creeping around the sides of the lenses.
  • Lightweight. Your child may find it easier to adjust to wearing lightweight sunglasses, because they're not as noticeable when being worn.

Does your child need sunglasses with special protective coatings?

Anti-glare and polarized lenses can both make your child's sunglasses wearing experience more comfortable by controlling the amount of light coming through the lenses. These coatings aren't necessary, but can make your child's experience with sunglasses a more positive one.

Perhaps most important are the coating is the type that eliminates both UVA and UVB rays. These coatings can protect your child's eyes from invisible, damaging rays from the sun.

What can you do to get your child to wear his or her sunglasses?

Some children are resistant to wearing sunglasses, for a variety of reasons. The best way to get your child to wear his or her sunglasses is to get your child used to wearing sunglasses at a very young age. Some tips include:

  • Buy your toddler a pair of baby sunglasses and have your child wear them for short intervals. Increase the length of time your child spends wearing sunglasses a little bit at a time.
  • Use a strap to hold the sunglasses to your child's face. This will prevent the sunglasses from falling off when your child moves around and help your child wear sunglasses for longer uninterrupted periods of time.
  • Wear your own sunglasses. Many young children naturally want to mimic their parents behavior. Wearing your own sunglasses will encourage your child to do the same.

Are prescription child sunglasses available?

Yes, optical labs will make sunglasses for children; just look for an optician and optical lab that produces glasses in children's sizes. For more information about prescription sunglasses and how they can benefit your child, talk to an optician who works with pediatric patients.

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