Ptosis: Two Common Questions About This Embarrassing Condition

There are a variety of cosmetic conditions that can impact your appearance as you age. Unfortunately, ptosis is a condition that can have a major impact on your appearance and ability to see. For those who suspect they may be developing this condition, answering a couple of questions may make it easier for them to understand this condition and what to expect of treatment. 

How Does Ptosis Affect Patients?

Ptosis is a condition that will cause a patient's eyelids to start drooping. Unfortunately, this can be a progressive condition, and it may be possible for the eyelid to worsen as time passes. This condition can be caused by a number of issues, but it is particularly common in elderly patients. The skin around the eyelid will lose much of its elasticity as you age, which can contribute to drooping. In addition to age-related ptosis, it is also possible for nerve damage to contribute to this embarrassing condition because it may cause the muscle to be either partially or completely paralyzed. 

Sadly, ptosis is more than just a cosmetically embarrassing problem because it can also drastically reduce your ability to see, which can make it impossible to enjoy some of your favorite activities. Due to the fact that this condition usually develops gradually, you may not realize you have it until it has become disruptive. As a result, you should visit your eye doctor at least once a year to allow them to diagnose this problem before it creates major issues for you. 

What Is The Recovery From Ptosis Surgery Like?

Correcting this problem will often require surgery, but some patients may avoid this treatment because they are concerned about the recovery from these procedures. While it is an unavoidable fact that you will require some time to heal following this procedure, the worst of the symptoms will only last for the first couple of days after the surgery.

During this time, you may find that your eyes are almost completely swollen shut. This will be followed by a general soreness and bruises that may last for up to a week, and your doctor may recommend using ice packs to reduce the swelling as well prescribing pain medications to reduce your physical discomfort. You will also need to make several follow-up visits to ensure that your eyelid is healing properly. 

Developing ptosis can be an embarrassing and limiting. For those that are experiencing this problem, it is important to understand how this condition impacts patients and what to expect when recovering from having it treated. Being armed with this information can help you to be better prepared to address this condition. 

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