3 Benefits To Buying Contact Lenses Online

If you wear contact lenses and have a current prescription for them, you may be able to purchase them online instead of having to buy them through your optician. There are many benefits when you buy contact lenses online, from the convenience to potential savings. Here are 3 benefits to buying your contacts online instead of at the eye doctor.

Your insurance may be accepted upfront.

Some online retailers who sell contact lenses can accept your insurance upfront as you pay for your purchase. This helps offset your total costs and keeps you from having to wait until your insurance is billed to get reimbursed.

You can get a discount for automatic reorders.

If you wear daily or biweekly disposable contact lenses, you have to buy them more frequently or else buy your contacts in bulk. Either of these two options can be costly. When you buy your contact lenses online, you can be eligible for a discount if you sign up for an automatic reorder. You can set your reorder time up for whenever it is most convenient for you, every few months, weekly, or biweekly, so you never run out of contacts and save money at the same time.

If you prefer to buy your contact lenses in larger quantities, you can get discounts based on the number of boxes of contacts you order at at time as well. Other perks may include getting free shipping on your order if you order frequently or in large dollar amounts. Every online contact retailer has different discount options, so shop around before choosing an online source to order your contact lenses from, so you can take advantage of available discounts.

You have access to more variety.

There are many types of contacts on the market that you can try with your prescription. There are daily disposables, colored lenses, and even contacts that you don't have to remove for several weeks. Many online contact retailers offer various brands and styles that you can choose from, so you can find the best contacts to fit your needs. Alternatively, if you buy your contacts from your eye doctor's office, you are limited to what brands and styles they carry.

There are many benefits to buying contact lenses online. From being able to choose from many brands to having access to different discounts, you can have the convenience of having your contact lenses delivered to your door at an affordable cost.

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